Meet your secret sauce

Fulfilling orders comes with challenges: ship fast but make mistakes, go slow but lose money, hire more help but lose profit... RockitShip was built to turn your warehouse into a logistical advantage. At a glance, you can see how it can help you manage your product flow and increase productivity. 


Warehouse to customer, a suite of shipping solutions

A powerhouse of warehousing, inventory, and fulfillment technology;
encompassing standard as well innovative features. 

Maximize Warehouse Space

RockitShip makes your product location agnostic -- different products in one bin!  This allows you to maximize the space in each bin and your warehouse.

5 Minute Learning Curve

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to use our software. There is no lengthy onboarding process, no manual and it’s temp worker-friendly.

One Click Start-Up

Prioritization is built right into the software thus eliminating the need for a warehouse manager to assign priority to an order type. Simply click "Pick Orders" and go!

Inventory Assistant

No need to commit locations to memory, find anything, anywhere in your warehouse with our intelligent "Find Product" feature. Also, resetting your inventory is a quick and simple task.

Tablet Screen Display

Large visual graphic display helps you navigate each step (as seen above) with voice commands built-in for redundancy, in simple and clean layouts.

Mistake Proofing

Pickers can not proceed until the previous step was accurately completed. RockitShip eliminates errors to less than 1%, making a quality control person obsolete.

Created and perfected on-site

We built and constantly test RockitShip in a fully functioning warehouse focused on fulfillment.

We built technology that enterprise fulfillment centers keep for themselves and adapted it for small and medium-sized warehouses. We know the pitfalls and shortcomings of shipping and solved them through RockitShip's technology before they can interrupt your business growth. We are warehouse nerds committed to enhancing RockitShip to ensure your success.


Actionable reporting

Need data at your fingertips? 

You have the ability to run all sorts of reports built specifically for the warehouse. Whether you want to run a report on items that have been discontinued or pull inventory reports on items that are currently in your bins, RockitShip’s reporting, and dashboard is like mission control. 

Want to learn more? Contact us and we will be happy to take you through a demo of RockitShip.

Client success

We are ready to help you.

We are on standby to help you with any questions, challenges, or obstacles. Also if you have suggestions on how to make RockitShip better, just connect with your client success manager. Our team is 100% onshore and ready to serve you.