Shipping Software
Built By Insiders From The Ground Up!

RockitShip combines Silicon Valley type innovation and style logistics to bring large-scale automation to your warehouse shipping environment.

Solutions Guided By Necessity

Created for businesses that are too small to afford Fortune 500 logistics
and too big to rely on paper and pencil.

Shipping & Receiving

From the time a product enters your warehouse
you scan, place, and track physical location and amounts.

Inventory Management

RockitShip is also a robust inventory management solution.

Order Fulfillment

When orders come in RockitShip will guide you to the exact
location of the product efficiently & error-free.

Mistakes & Returns

Reduce the amounts of returns from errors in picking, packing, etc.

Scale-up your business - Automate your shipping

We’ve kept it to ourselves long enough. In June 2021, we are launching our exclusive founding member program called “Lift Off”.
There are only 250 invitations available. To be considered for one of the 250 Lift Off invitations please apply below. The deadline is June 15, 2021.
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How can RockitShip help you?

RockitShip is like a drill sergeant for your eCommerce operation. The built-in algorithms make your employees more efficient and it helps cut down on the overall number of employees needed in your warehouse. Fully automate the picking, packing, shipping, tracking -- and when needed -- the return process. Our focus has been to build software that's easy to use and makes the shipping ecosystem faster and your e-commerce operation more profitable.
What is RockitShip?

What is RockitShip?

Cloud-based shipping software created in the warehouse to streamline operations that are shipping more than 100 packages per month. Created and continuously updated alongside warehouse staff.
What does it do?

What does it do?

RockitShip automates all mission critical processes and allows your small business to scale-up. We guarantee your warehouse efficiency will skyrocket.
What are the benefits?

What are the benefits?

It will make you profitable by cutting down on errors, reducing staff, and implementing best practices across the board. 

Simple Pricing - No Hidden Fees

Apply to become a no-obligation beta tester with no charge for 60 days and lock in your founding member pricing. You can cancel at any time after your trial period.

Launch Pad Billed annually

  • Orders Per Month Up to 1500
  • Users Unlimited
  • Stores Unlimited
  • US Based Support

Lift Off Billed annually

  • Orders Per Month Up to 5000
  • Users Unlimited
  • Stores Unlimited
  • US Based Support

Orbit Billed annually

  • Orders Per Month Over 5000
  • Users Unlimited
  • Stores Unlimited
  • US Based Support

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RockitShip will fully automate the picking, packing, shipping, tracking -- and when needed -- the return process within your warehouse. 

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